The Unicorn Coat

Giselle is the worst princess. Then she decided she wanted a unicorn. That was a serious mistake. Read it on Comic Fury here.

You are the Reason for the End of the World

Ragnarok is coming closer and closer, and Hel, Loki’s daughter, isn’t going to sit around and do nothing. She has a plan and she’s determined to change her and her family’s fate, regardless of what Yggdrassil and the Norns want. Read on Comic Fury here:

The Night Desert

A knight wanders a dark desert. His wife has disappeared into into the sands and he has only his horse and sword to help. At, least in the beginning. Read on Comic Fury here.

Under Sagittarius

It’s the end of the world. At least the human world. The centaurs are still here. Left behind by their creators, they’re building their own future. Read on Comic Fury here!

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