Drawing Horses: a guide for illustration and comics

Having trouble with drawing horses?

I’m working on a book for artists, especially comic artists and illustrators. I’m drawing on my years of working with horses, riding them, drawing them, and understanding their anatomy, bio-mechanics and behavior.

More than another step-by-step book

Learn about anatomy and movement according to breed and action, and gain the in-depth understanding you need to draw horses with life, personality and style, whether working from a photo reference or your imagination. I’ll explain how to break down the construction and motion of the horse’s frame and musculature, and how to depict the full range of equine movement.

Storytelling with horses

Learn how to get the best out of your horses in each panel on every page. I’ll demonstrate how to use horse anatomy and expressions to enhance your layouts and visual narratives.

Understanding tack

Gain an understanding of how equipment functions and works with horse anatomy, and how tack has changed over time and is different across various cultures and equestrian disciplines.

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